"I want to be famous (very famous)"

This dreamer enravelled our entire crew with her energy and love. She recorded a video in wich she revealed her explosive personallity as she danced and sang. Her dream was very challenging for us, as there was only three days left for her to be at the Beyonce´s show. Dancing to the beat of "Single Lady". Thats how "Magui", as her parents call her, travelled to Miami on July 7th to see her idol.
Dreams have no limits, and so our capability to grant them. With the help of our volunteers and benefactors. Seeing the smile on our Magui' s face, was really a dream coming true for us. She couldn' t help but to scream in emotion as Beyonce sang her favorite songs. But the dream didn't end there, she was able to meet her and share some really beautifull moments, filled with laughs, tears, hugs and loads of joy. After this experience, she spend 8 wonderfull days in Miami among her loved ones

I wish I could share and convey the immense happiness our dreamer Lucia felt while seeing her dream come true yesterday afternoon when she met Patricia Sosa, but I realize that sometimes its hard to put the images of their meeting into words. I'll just say that Lucy lived a magical evening of pampering, laughter, joy, caresses, gifts, hugs, deep caring looks and love, love. Lucia dreamed of meeting Patricia Sosa, and the time had come. They met at her recording studio. Patricia, welcomed Lucia with his magic, charm, and left aside other commitments to focus only on Lucia. They laughed and shared stories and even sang together! Lucia's eyes shone with excitement and happiness. Lucia sang so well that they applauded, congratulated her and invited her to  record her favorite song in the studio;  "Learning to Fly." Later Patricia and her team invited Lucia to accompany Patricia to Luna Park, in June this year.
Can you believe it. Lucia had the courage to dream!!
Infinite thanks from the heart of all at 'Make a Wish' and to Patricia Sosa.


This is a magical dream of sweet smiles and overall changes in the life of Fabricio,
The day I interviewed him, he was very difficult to communicate with. He is a very introverted child, but like all children-- full of innocence and sweetness.
As our work never falters, we were there just to find out what he most wanted in his heart. He was playing at a kitchenette in the hospital playroom at Gutierrez, and he said he helped his mother prepare meals. He said; "I wish one day be a Chef" and with the magical help of the Hotel Alvear and Pastry Chef Ricardo a chef's uniform with his name on it was created.
Finally the day came to realize a dream, so in the Hotel Alvear, pastry chef Ricardo took Fabricio to the kitchen and together they entered the magical world of sweet pastry. For more than one hour cooked together, creating cookies, chocolates, and alfajorcitos. Ignoring those of us who were watching them, they were in their own world. Fabricio was very attentive to all directions of the chef. 
He smiled, took pictures and talked about the chocolates.
It is a dream that is fulfilled that made a child more than happy!
A new pastry chef joined the Hotel Alvear and hearts of everyone who reads this message.

JUAN MARTIN-- I want a windmill

I told you that on Saturday in Tandil a very special dream would materialize. As our dreamer was waiting with a big smile, no one imagined that the mill he had dreamed about was very close.
In the garden of the house of the dreamer Blaiotta Angel and his team worked quickly and with love assembling the large structure.
When everything was ready we brought Juan Martín and asked him to close his eyes. Holding hands we walked to where a bright sun lit up his dream!
I said; Make a Wish is fulfilling your dream, then Juan hugged his mom and both wept with emotion.
I must be honest and tell you all got away a tear of joy as well.
He could not stop looking at it and ask how big it was. He asked; "At night with the moonlight, I will be able to see?"
It was a truly magical moment, then I give him the books of Don Quixote. Together we read the part where Don Quixote and Sancho meet windmills ... and we laughed together.
It was an evening of pure smiles, joys, surprises and lots of love, had succeeded in fulfilling the dream of John Martin; "the windmill in the garden that will rotate to the beat of the wind and could be seen from the window."
I feel proud of belonging to Make a Wish, we are a team and we work every day to see the smile on the faces of our dreamers as their dreams come true.

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